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Looking for a classic car in Spain?

Spain is one of the best markets in Europe to buy a classic car. There is a fantastic choice of models available that we are sure, will match every taste.

German, English, French, Italian, American….

Spain is one of the best markets in Europe to buy a classic car.  There is a fantastic choice of models available that we are sure, will match every taste.

From pre-war cars to the most exciting eighties high performance machines, through the glorious twenties, the space age vehicles of the fifties or the innovative and optimistic motor cars from the sixties. From exotic Italian sports cars to amazing American muscle cars. From elegant French machines to the most distinctive British vehicles.

In Spain, you’ll find the car you are looking for.

Classic vehicles in Spain for sale

Spain offers a large classic car market. Classic cars for sale in Spain are very common, thousands of classic cars are available for sale right now. In addition, the warm and gentle Spanish weather has taken care of our classic vehicles, so their bodies are mostly rust free.

We work to search and find the best opportunities that the Spanish market offers, analyzing and assessing every one of them to offer our customers a personalized and exclusive service that will help them to find the classic car of their dreams.

If you are thinking about buying a classic car, just contact us. Our goal is to find exactly what you are looking for. Explain us what you want, and we will make a research among hundreds of cars available, just to help you to find the best deal possible.

Buying a classic car is an exciting and unforgettable experience, but also, requires some knowledge to buy the correct vehicle. To find the best machine, you must test many different cars, and you must know about all the strong and weak points of the vehicle to find all the possible forthcoming problems, and to assess the general condition of the car and what works, or services could it need to meet your expectations.

We provide our knowledge and experience to give you and expert advice that will help you to buy the car you desire, and exactly in the condition you demand.

We look for you and select the best car with the best price.

Classic cars for sale in Europe

Spain is the market where we mainly operate, but we are not limited to it. If we can’t find the car our customer desires in Spain, we will look for it across all Europe.
We work with other experts in Europe to find even the most exotic cars you can imagine. Our European network can provide us a huge catalogue of vehicles to match every possible desire.
Every car we chose, meet the highest standards of service, conservation, originality and restoration. Feel free to ask us any question, there are reports available of every car we offer.

We sell vehicles to professionals as well, priced with European VAT.

Classic cars for sale cheap

Our mission is to provide our customers the classic car they want at the most competitive price possible.
We have a good knowledge of our home market and of European market as well, as we do a continuous and thorough research. That allow us to find the best cars at the best prices, even when the market is moving fast and the prices of some models skyrocketing. As stated before, our aim is to provide the best vehicles at the most affordable price.

Included in the final price are included our services: Research of the vehicle, full condition report, purchase negotiation, paperwork management and transport, even is the car is bought outside Spain.
We offer a thorough service: search, full condition and legal status of the vehicle report, e purchase negotiation, paperwork management and transport to Europe. Please, fell free to ask for our vehicles in stock, or if you have any doubts. We can help you.

Use our comprehensive service: search, full status report, negotiate purchase, management documentation, transportation to Europe. Please, ask us your questions, ask for our vehicles in stock, we can help you.

More than a purchase, an experience

Buying a classic car is all an experience. It’s not just about price and technical specifications, is a decision that you make from the heart. We love these kind of cars, and for us, every time we add a vehicle to our collection, it always feels like the first time. That’s why, when another classic car lover comes to Spanish Classic Cars to find his new dream, we start to look for the perfect model, because we know that what that customer is expecting is the perfect car, the machine of his dreams. Your dream can be German, Italian, Spanish…, and we will search around Europe checking different dealers, to make sure that we will find what you are looking for. Also, if you need more than one classic car because you want to use them on your business, we can help you as well to find the best fleet of vintage cars.

Our team

Spanish Classic Cars works along a selected group of specialists and experts, that help us to have a full picture of every car we sell. To buy a classic car may be a complicated experience if you lack the proper knowledge, or if you must check a whole lot of different options just by yourself.

The Spanish Classic Car team will provide you the expert point of view you need to find the vehicle of your dreams, looking for the car that suits every need and desire you might have.

If you are looking for a specific model, please feel free to contact us. One of our specialists will check the different options available across Spain and Europe to find the car perfect for you.

Spanish Classic Cars offers you the largest selection of classic cars in Spain, either from private sellers or from collector car dealers. If you are looking for a specific model that we don’t have in our catalogue, we will work to find it, searching over all Europe, guaranteeing you the most competitive price.

If you are looking to sell your classic car, you should know that Spain is one of the best markets in Europe to sell this kind of vehicles. There are thousands of collectors, experts and gentlemen drivers who love classic and rare vehicles. We have a comprehensive list of customers who are demanding classic cars, so if you want to sell a fine vehicle, we will find the perfect buyer for you.

Sometimes the most difficult part of the sale, is find the appropriate buyer for a specific vehicle. Classic car enthusiasts have very specific tastes, demands and desires when it comes about their future purchases. The Spanish Classic Car staff is made of collectors, enthusiasts and classic car lovers, people who live this passion like you, so if you are not sure about selling your car just contact us, we will find a buyer for your vehicle.

If you need more information about our services or you want to check our catalogue, just feel free to contact us, we are ready to help you to buy or sell your classic car.

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